The basic principles of both solutions, PC-SHERIFF Premium and PC-SHERIFF easy


PC-SHERIFF facilitates a complete and immediate recovery of computer workstations. The complete recovery occurs by simply restarting the system.

During the restart, PC-SHERIFF returns the computer to the desired operating condition. The system only needs the normal restart time to perform this function.

Therefore, the recovery of operational PCs or notebooks does not require the use of expensive IT support staff. A network/internet connection for employing remote maintenance tools is also unnecessary.

For users:
An easy tool for users without special background knowledge for the simple removal of PC problems that arise.

For EDP-Staff/EDP-Administrators:
An easily configurable software solution for EDP advisors, teachers, and IT administrators who value the proven protection of these solutions, yet don't wish to miss out on the comfort of centralised workplace management, installation, and configuration.


Overview of PC-SHERIFF - Main Characteristics


The functioning of PC-SHERIFF is based on Snapshot technology. The result is a completely new protection solution for your EDP workplace. More security, more choices and settings, more flexibility.

Your workplace is protected from the time of installation. Your workplaces that are secured by PC-SHERIFF are "never" unprotected, due to the snapshot securing of the protected partition.

The previously known operation mode "Protected - OFF" - "completely unprotected" is no longer a component of this solution, since there is never an unprotected workplace.

In PC-SHERIFF, protection OFF means to redefine or change the point in time for the reset.

Protection OFF is simply called "Manual".

Your workplaces are "always" protected, and can always be reset, up to when the changes are saved in the baseline.

Here PC-SHERIFF Premium (unlike PC-SHERIFF easy) offers the greatest distinguishing feature. PC_SHERIFF Premium is in a position to create and manage over 100 system reset points. You can start from each of these system reset points. Thus, you are able to work in the "past" and return to the present after the restart.

We are simply speaking here of time travel and a PC-SHERIFF time machine.
For example, you would be able to work on a PC with multiple Office versions and create a separate snapshot for each. You could use it, for example, to teach with Outlook 2010 from 08:00 - 09:00 and with Outlook 2013 from 09:00 - 10:00 if desired.

Resetting the System:
PC-SHERIFF regulates its "resetting", or discarding of changes, through tasks (i.e. through a separate TASK management).

You can initiate the resetting of the system to any desired point in time.

  • Manually as desired
  • When restarting
  • At a certain time on a certain day of the week
  • Weekly, on a certain day at a certain time
  • Locally, remotely, or through scripts

Changing the point in time at which the system will reset (changing the operating mode) does not require a restart. This can be undertaken without a restart.

Only the discarding of changes takes place during a restart.
Install software and updates without worry, and perform systemic restarts. Afterwards, test your system for operability.
You can always refresh the baseline or discard changes if problems arise.

The following also apply to PC-SHERIFF: Create new snapshots for existing installations or baselines at any time.

Upon request, we will demonstrate PC-SHERIFF and explain how it functions using a Remote-Online-Presentation.

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